About Company

Vision International People Group is a global networking community that offers a wide range of high-quality, effective and natural healthcare products aimed at increasing wellbeing around the world. 

Jointly with the most prestigious companies in the world it produces bioactive supplements, Smart Food, herbal teas, cosmetics and personalised health programs based on probiotics. 

Vision is a global brand represented in over 70 countries with 19 years of experience in Health business. Partnered with 20 thousand independent Consultants, who work on a global scale and over the years sold 60 million of bioactive dietary supplement bottles. 

Vision unites people with various interests around one main idea – the idea of universal health and highly prosperous life.

As an independent Consultant our tasks can be stated as such:

- Health Management. Our independent distributors notably improve their own health resource and that of their clients by using the Vision product whose quality is strictly monitored by the Dem4 Lab. Distributors significantly augment their own health resource and that of their clients by using Vision products, whose quality is confirmed by the international GMP standard as well as by HACCP and ISO 22000 standards.

- Business Management. Each independent distributor builds his own business with minimal investment. The earnings are based on Vision’s Marketing Plan, which has been recognized as one of the most effective in the world. Education, gender, race, age, status, geography makes no difference. Everyone can succeed.

Vision provides extraordinary opportunities to improve and take full control over the quality of your life:
  • expand your boarders, explore new territories, communicate through varies cultures,
  • learn about the latest innovations in wellness and healthcare,
  • reveal the unlimited source for balanced nutrition and happiness,
  • meet influential people, uncover your strengths,
  • grow your business,
  • raise your income
  • be recognized for being successful – these are just a few of the values that have already united hundreds of thousand of people worldwide.

Imagine if everyone’s been doing it except for you.