PentActiv Bracelets from Vision for Health and Wellness.

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Health-promoting accessories constitute an indispensable part of life of modern women who prefer to take care of their health. New accessories from Vision International People group are created using the patented efficient formula, with unique design. Healing effect of these exquisite accessories is comprehensive, targeted at improving performance of all major systems of the human body.

Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic inserts, PentActiv Bracelets provide a health-promoting interaction of the body with five natural elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves.

All five elements that form this bracelet act in complex and enhance one another’s effect: improve overall body resistibility, boost energy, provide antibacterial and antiviral effect, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and blood pressure, ensure tissues’ regeneration and slow down aging processes, simultaneously producing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Unique composition

Nanosilver Teq (silver colour)—inserts with positively charged nanosilver ions 3-5 nanometers in size. They exert powerful antibacterial and antivirus effect. According to scientific data, silver ions effectively eliminate 650 to 700 kinds of pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi, while even the best of antibiotics can deal with only 5-10 kinds of bacteria.
SolarTeq (red colour)—bioceramic inserts with therapy infrared radiation. Infrared rays penetrate the skin and contact water molecules thus widening blood vessels. An intensified circulation of blood stimulates normalization of metabolism and regeneration of tissues. 

AeroTeq (white colour)—bioceramic inserts radiating negavively charged oxygen ions In nature, such ions are found, for example, in waterfalls, or by the seaside. When these ions go into blood currents, they enter biochemical reactions and, raising the level of serotonin, charge us with cheerfulness and energy. They improve our mood, heighten our mental and physical efficiency. 

MagTeq (black colour)—inserts with magnitotherapy effect to improve sleep, normalize pressure, to prevent inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. Help to improve blood current, facilitate transporting of oxygen and nutrients to cells. They make up for lack of energy, drive away tiredness, and mitigate consequences of stresses. 

GermaTeq (blue colour)—bioceramic inserts with germanium 200 PPM, which radiates conversion electrons with extremely short wave (10-1–10-6 nm). Germanium is able to saturate cells with oxygen thus stimulating them to produce energy. It exerts vasodilatory, antiedematous and immunno-stmulating effects, strengthens antitumor protection.

Beneficial effects of magnetic fields on the human body:
  • improve circulation of the brain
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce the emotional stress
  • have a sedative effect
  • a beneficial effect on sleep
  • have analgesic and anti-action
  • improve circulation in the vessels of the extremities
  • observed liquefaction the blood and the improvement of the rheological properties
  • reduce the vascular parietal thrombus
  • is an increase in muscle working capacity
  • increase the nonspecific resistance of the organism
  • positive effect on immunegenesis
  • marked increase in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, as well as increased phagocytic activity of leucocytes
  • positive effect on functional recovery of traumatized peripheral nerves 

Who should use PentActiv Bracelets?

  • Everybody who aspires to preserve health and prolong the active phase of life.
  • Those who live in industrially developed countries.
  • Those who suffer from the cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases
  • Those who suffer from stress, age-related changes or extensive emotional strains.
  • Those who lead sedentary life-style.
  • Those who smoke and drink alcohol.

PentActiv Bracelets are manufactured from high-quality Japanese surgical steel and their surface is selectively coated with 23-carat gold

PentActiv bracelets are offered in two versions: classical design for men and exquisite design for women. 

Apart from health and wellness benefits, it is daintily executed and looks elegant. You can adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist. Links are removable to ensure better adjacency of a bracelet to the wrist.

PentActiv (men).
PentActiv (women) 

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