VenoStrong – supplement for healthy veins.

Feeling of heaviness and languor in legs, burning and prickling, cramps and edema—most of us have already faced these temporary, as they would seem, troubles. However, these might not only be the consequences of temporary fatigue, but also first signs of chronic venous insufficiency.

We rarely pay attention to such ailments, but once they become repeated, it is high time to consider this matter carefully. 

Sedentary life, or vice versa, running around all the time, lack of physical activity or excessive weight, uncomfortable footwear, traumatized legs, frequent flights—these may further on provoke venous insufficiency.

Universal Remedy

Vision’s new creation—veinotonic called VenoStrong—addresses all causes and manifestations of the venous insufficiency and will help you mitigate it. 

Unique formula of this natural veinotonic is developed specifically to ensure a comprehensive effect on the venous system. 

Best plant components with proven natural efficiency against the venous insufficiency have been selected to be included into the VenoStrong complex.


per 1 capsule
Bitter orange fruit extract powder

125 mg
Grape marc extract

70 mg
Bitter orange peel extract

25 mg
Standardized Gotu Kola plant extract

25 mg
Papaya fruit extract

12.5 mg

  • Relieves edema;
  • Mitigates symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency; 
  • Eliminates heaviness, pains and weakness in legs; 
  • Prevents thrombophlebitis and varix dilatation; 
  • Helps diminish varicose spiders; 
  • Regenerates and fortifies blood vessels’ walls;
  • Precludes cramps.  

Target audience to take VenoStrong:
  • Those who suffer from “bulging”, edema and heaviness in legs;
  • Those who have noticed changes in venous picture or appearing vascular spiders;
  • Those, bearing prolonged static loads (have to stand or sit for a long time on one place);
  • Those who feel discomfort in calf muscles and experience night cramps;
  • People, predetermined to the cardiovascular diseases;
  • All women, as hormonal swings provoke premature venous insufficiency;
  • Those who don’t do enough sports;
  • Overweight people;
  • Those, who wear high-heeled shoes;
  • Those who smoke or have recently given up smoking.
For a comprehensive effect it is advisable to use the complex along with the VenoStrong gel.

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