Sun Damage and Aging Skin | Prevent Skin From Sun Damage.

More than 90 percent of all skin cancers are associated with sun exposure.

Although the skin care products is only the smallest you can do to protect your skin. The best sin protection comes from within.

How to get perfect suntan and protect your skin from photo-ageing?

The laboratory of the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharmathat applies the latest innovative manufacturing technologies, including cryo-grinding technology has created bio-active food supplement NatureTan.

Nature Tan: what does it do?

Nature Tan facilitates beautiful suntan, ultimately protects the skin from an adverse impact of UV-rays, prepares it for the impact of sun, reduces the risk of sunburns

As a result the suntan is acquired faster, it is even and lasts longer, without appearance of pigmentation spots. 

The product secures external skin protection and reinforces its defense barriers from the inside

Maintains optimal level of moisture, prevents dryness and thinning of the skin, which consequently helps preclude wrinkles, appearing as a result of the sun impact, prevents photo-ageing and cell degeneration.

What is Nature Tan’s action based on? 

Natural protection systems exist which prevent the DNA from being damaged. These self-protection systems activate themselves every time there is a solar impact on the body: the surface layer of the skin becomes thicker over the course of several days - so-called “photic calluses” impede the penetration of solar rays into the deep layers of the skin; enzymes begin working that activate free radicals and correct all the anomalies that have arisen in the DNA structure.

However, these self-protection systems are not 100% effective. The extent to which these are active is a function of the person’s phototype and his/her individual features. Besides, these systems are limited in their capabilities, as the skin’s natural restorative resources tend to literally run dry over the years.

The substances contained in Nature Tan activate the natural defense mechanisms and support them all the time. They prevent detoxification, impeding formation of free radicals in the skin. At the same time, the antacid action of Nature Tan, due to the extract of grape squeeze contained in it, is 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C if they are taken directly. 

Nature Tan’s ingredients are synergetic and enhance each other’s action.
Nature Tan: what is it made of?

State-of-the-art technologies were used to develop Nature Tan.  

Nature Tan protects the body from within from aggressive solar radiation that can damage the skin and has no side effects or any other flaws that are normally inherent to traditional sunscreens.

Nature Tan is made up of the following ingredients:
  • Curcuma powder,
  • Grape extract,
  • Beta-carotene,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Zinc,
  • Selenium.

Grape extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium impede formation of free radicals in the skin which, forming in skin cells, trigger oxidizing reactions, which leads to accelerated cell aging

Curcuma powder and beta-carotene help form a durable, even, and good-looking tan. 

These ingredients prevent development of sunburns and reddening of the skin.

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