Resiste Stress and Change with Adaptogens.

Human body is extremely vulnerable and is not quite fond of changes. Alteration of diet, climate and even weather won’t have a beneficial effect on our body. Internal loads—psychological stress and age-related changes—only add up to the problems. 

This provokes breakdowns and mood swings, irritability and anxieties. In order to get adjusted to new conditions (during acclimatization process, after a change of work or even a season of the year)—our body needs time… and help.

Easy to Adapt

Adaptation process can be relieved by specific substances that improve adjustability of the body. They help deal with challenging conditions and stress, increase body resistibility and stamina.

The most efficient and safe are natural adaptogens: they don’t build up addiction and don’t exhaust the reserves of our body.

The unique Beesk active food supplement formula is based  on a natural adaptogen—Schisandra sinensis, as well as propolis and royal jelly—extremely precious bee-farming productsenriched with curative strengthening substances.

This complex is beneficially supplemented with mineral substances—iron and iodine that strengthen immunity and help fight fatigue and infectious diseases. All ingredients of this food supplement work in synergy enhancing each other’s effect.

Beesk food supplement has been developed by the laboratory of the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharmathat applies the latest innovative manufacturing technologies, including cryo-grinding technology.

Its quality control corresponds to the highest European standards. Effectiveness of the Beesk food supplement has been clinically proved.


Schisandra sinensis strengthens immunity, promotes working efficiency and resistibility of the body to the adverse factors of the environment. It is applied in cases of decreased physical working capacity.

Propolis possesses the immune-modulating properties and provides an anti-inflammatory and boosting action, facilitates the improvement of adaptive capabilities of our body. Propolis is highly recommended for those with respiratory infectious diseases.

Royal jelly helps relieve fatigue and boosts vitality, stimulates the immune system and increases resistance to infections.

Iron plays an important part in supporting the immunity and alleviates excessive fatigue, simultaneously improving cell respiration.

Iodine triggers performance of the immune system, fights fatigability and supports physical performance. Sufficient intake of this microelement enhances body resistibility to colds and bronchopulmonary diseases.

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