OsteoSanum: food supplement for active prevention of osteoporosis.

Are you looking for the best food supplemet for active prevention of osteoporosis? 

OsteoSanum appears to be a perfect solution.

OsteoSanum not only it contains the ultimate amount of calcium and vitamin D3, traditionally used for prevention of osteoporosis, but also a revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight into the bone tissue, preventing its depositing inside the vessels, thus protecting heart and blood vessels from calcium sedimentation

As a result they:

  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis;
  • Improves bone structure and mineral density;
  • Prevents washing out of calcium from the bones;
  • Helps knitting of bones after fractures;
  • Precludes spinal deformation and faults in posture;
  • Participates in formation of collagen, the most vital protein of the bone tissue;
  • Strengthens hair, nails and teeth.


per 1 capsule

250 mg
Vitamin K2

5 µg
Vitamin D3

2.5 µg
Vitamin B6

1.4 mg
Vitamin B12

2.5 µg
Folic acid

200 µg
Shilajit extract powder

20 mg

Target audience to take OsteoSanum:
  • Everybody for prevention of calcium and/or vitamin D3 deficiency;
  • People over 50, especially women during menopause;
  • Those who have fractures;
  • Those who take care of their health and, depending on genetic predisposition, want to postpone or avoid osteoporosis;
  • To strengthen hair, nails and teeth.
For women in menopause most effective when taken together with Medisoya+

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