Nutritional Deficiencies Attribute To Stress and Premature Aging.

We are what we eat? Sure we are!

Significant number of health problems faced by Baby Boomers is attributable to nutritional deficiencies.

Lets us face it - we are stress out and this leads to certain consequences connected with our digestive system function. (Not to mention that when stressed, we tend to grab unhealthy foods and overeat.)

Stress causes malabsorption problems as well, so the nutrients in food are not properly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

In order to restore health and well-being to digestive problems, food (plant) enzymes are used to improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Enzymes are an important link in stamina, energy level, utilizing vitamins and minerals and boost the natural immune system.  

At the same time, as body ages, its systems slow down and become less efficient, so the correct nutrients are more important than ever for the support, repair and regeneration of the cells.

The good news is that you can feel better at sixty than you did at thirty by making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.

The human body is the greatest machine on the earth. Even more than that - the greatest self-repairing machine and as all machinery, it needs fuel. But for self-repairing we need special fuel - one that provides us with all necessary macro and micro nutrients: healthy food.

Unhealthy foods poison your body; add to stress hormone levels, and premature aging.

And on the contrary: if our fuel is of high quality, our bodies function well and we think clear, we are full of energy, vitality, our overall health is excellent and we prosper.

A healthy diet is the base of our wellbeing, so the minimum we can do for ourselves is watching the way we nurture our precious bodies and make significant changes in our diets.