Network Marketer - The Master of Powerful Questioning.

Have you heard the pre-supposition - 'The map is not the territory'? 

This refers to the way we perceive our world, which is unique to us. We automatically try to make sense of everything we experience. In other words, we make a 'map' of the world according to our experience. My map is different from yours and yours is different from everyone else's. The reality is different again.

When applied to network marketing, it states that what is important to you could not be important to your prospect. To succeed in network marketing and recruiting (building your downline) you should find their burning needs; find what are their hot buttons, their pains and problems and tapping into them. 

The easiest way to find it is to Ask Powerful Questions.

Questioning is the partner of listening and questions asked of a client need to be determined by what you hear them saying. Good sales start by getting (listening, understanding) information not giving it. And not to just listening but listening effectively so that we are aware of the clients' response and can frame the follow up questions based on that.

When you communicate with your prospect or client, don't rush in to fix up with your answer. Ask powerful questions instead. This will give you the possibility to learn their true wants and needs. The questions always require the answers. There is one rule though - act like a researcher and ask open-ended discovery questions which require the client to think before answering and usually start with who, what, when, why and how.

Closed questions which need only a 'yes' or 'no' answer could fail to raise awareness in the client and do not move your presentation in the desired direction. It is your job to ask your prospect the proper questions that will enable you to solve a problem or need that your potential client wants taken care of.

When its time to your prospect to choose something and make a decision ask instead of trying to sell. The prospects will choose themselves if you have a product that solves their need.

People like to buy and make their choices but don't like to be sold.

Benefits of asking powerful questions:

- The prospect feels important and empowered.
- The prospect slows down automatic thinking and reactive moves.
- The prospect will be able to verbalize their hopes and doubts and you will be able to address them strategically.
- You've been able to maneuver the conversation your way.
- You will see if a person is following you. If not - what's the point you keep talking?
- You will have the power and the control you need to lead your prospects into an "informed decision."

With the use the power of questions you discover the real need and wishes of your prospects and become aware of 'the territory beyond their current map' and this is a real a gold mine to tap into. They will see you as a person interested in their needs.

In so doing, you move from recruiting wimp to an MLM recruiting powerhouse in a whole lot easier way than you think. You get what you want and will control and dominant every prospecting call you made and build successful network marketing business.