Do you know the warning signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease?

Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure:

* You will probably have no symptoms of high blood pressure and will not feel ill.
* Some people with high blood pressure may experience headaches and changes in vision.

Warning Signs of Diabetes:

* Being thirstier than usual
* Needing to pass urine more often
* Being hungrier than normal
* Feeling more tired than usual
* Losing weight even if you are eating more than usual

Warning signs of Chronic Kidney Disease:

* Need to urinate more often, especially at night
* Feeling tired; having less energy
* Loss of appetite
* Trouble sleeping; muscle cramping at night
* Puffiness around your eyes, especially in the morning
* Swollen hands, feet, and ankles

What You Can Do to Fight Against These Silent Killers:

* Have your blood pressure checked often.
* Maintain a healthy weight for your size.
* Don’t smoke and limit alcohol to no more than one ounce a day.
* Lower your salt intake.
* Avoid processed foods like cold cuts, sugar-sweetened cereals and greasy snacks.
* Bake or broil foods rather than pan frying or deep-frying.
* Exercise regularly. Check with your doctor about an exercise program that is right for you.

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