Brain-o-flex - food supplement to enhance brain capabilities.

Brain-o-flex is food supplement created to complex reinforce microcirculation in brain vessels, which subsequently enhances supply of oxygen and nutrients to its cells, helps normalize blood pressure, mitigates headaches and dizziness, noises and tingling in the ears, clears mind.

Increases the amount of efficiently functioning brain cells, activating the “dormant” ones. 

This consequently improves memory, IQ and attention focusing, and accelerates responsiveness. Effectively shields cells from breakage and slows down ageing of brain.

per 1 capsule
Soy lecithin
195.16 mg
Fish oil (EPA/DHA 20/50 omega-3 fatty acids)
133.78 mg
Ginkgo biloba
15 mg
Sturgeon milt
11.97 mg
Vitamin E
5 mg
2 mg

  • Stimulates mental activity;
  • Improves memory and attention focusing, as well as intellectual capacities;
  • Has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system;
  • Facilitates restoration of brain cells;
  • Activates blood circulation, decelerates brain ageing, prevents age-related loss of memory and helps preserve clarity of mind;
  • Normalizes blood pressure, eliminates headaches and dizziness, noises and tingling in the ears;
  • Has an anti-atherosclerotic effect;
  • Increases the amount of efficiently working brain cells, activating even the “dormant” ones.
Target audience to take Brain-o-flex:
  • All those who take care of their health and aspire to supporting brain activity and nervous system performance in the era of innovative information technologies and never-ending stress;
  • Those, whose type of work involves heavy responsibilities, intensive mental processes, uneven loads, creative activities or extensive psycho-emotional tension;
  • Those who want to enhance their intellectual capacities;
  • Those who want to improve their brain performance and protect brain cells from deterioration;
  • Those who suffer from headaches, dizziness, hypertension, noises and tingling in the ears;
  • Those under a lot of stress, who suffer from sleep deprivation and fatigue;
  • Students and pupils during exams and tests to improve attention focusing and boost memory;
  • Those, who smoke, abuse coffee or alcohol;
  • Those prone to atherosclerosis, wishing to protect their blood vessels from cholesterol upswing.

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