Artum - health of the prostate.

Prostate health doesn’t fit in any joke at all. It is way too serious and should always be taken that way, period!

Artum is a natural complex that combines all known and clinically tested plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals that provide comprehensive protection and prevention of the prostate diseases.

Active ingredients of Artumstinging nettle root and saw palmetto fruit—withstand factors that provoke growth of adenoma.
  • contains all essential ingredients to contribute to prostate health,
  • helps to normalise hormone balance and maintain male sexual function,
  • has an anti-inflammatory action in case of infections of the genitourinary system,
  • prevents prostate overgrowth,
  • increases metabolism of the endogenous testosterone and ensures its normal synthesis.

per 1 capsule
Stinging nettle root

175 mg
Saw palmetto fruit

50 mg
Pumpkin seeds

50 mg

5 mg
Vitamin E

4 mg

2.5 mg

Target audience to take Artum:
  • Men who suffer from the prostate diseases;
  • Men who lead sedentary life-style;
  • Men who have suffered infections of the urogenital system;
  • Men who spend a lot of time driving and use seat heaters;
  • Men who take care of their health and want to prevent diseases of the prostate.
Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule twice per day during meals with water.

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