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“Of all bodily organs eye has always been recognized as a true blessing and masterpiece of nature’s creative power”
Hermann von Helmholtz

The sense of vision is equally indispensable to every human. However, irrespective of the age, everybody is subject to the rick of visual impairments.

As a rule decline of visual function starts showing when it’s already in progress. 

Main reason for reduced visual acuity is refraction error, an error in the focusing of light by the eye, which provides for sharpness of images. In case of visual deterioration the image gets blurry and distorted, and the colours perceived seem duller.

According to modern medicine, around 45 mln people in the world have lost eyesight, and over 135 mln people suffer from visual impairments of various kinds. 

It is forecast that by 2020 the amount of blind people will reached 75 mln, and of those with poor eyesight—200 mln. 

Every 5 seconds a human goes blind, and every minute a child loses its eyesight.

Causes of Visual Deterioration

Vision problems and dysfunctions of the visual apparatus have a number of causes. 

One of the most common is computer. Prolonged computer loads are often followed by redness, smarting in the eyes and, ultimately, visual deterioration

However, it’s not just about the computer, of course, but the excessive eyestrain. Working on the computer, we rarely shift the focus of attention or blink, which slackens ocular muscles and causes visual apparatus to malfunction. 

So it is essential to perform a small complex of exercises every now and then: try to focus you vision on a distant object, then look at a closer object, and thus shift the focus several times.

Another relevant cause of visual disorders: spinal problems and disturbed blood circulation

Vertebral injuries, as well as dislocations in the spinal cord area, are directly related to human eyes. Disturbance of blood supply to visual organs may occur in neck muscles. Once contracted or tense, these muscles impact cervical vertebrae and block nerve endings, thus hindering the blood flow to the head. Consequently, it is important to pay attention to relaxation of muscles in the nape of the neck and be sure to exclude any disorders of the vertebral system.

Visual defects may also be conditioned by vitamin deficiency. Only adequate intake of the vitamin A ensures the synthesis of a photolabile pigment that is in charge of our eyesight. So to prevent this deficiency eat fresh carrots, blueberry, fish, cod liver or beef liver, eggs, milk. Remember, however, that vitamin A in carrots is liposoluble, i.e. fats are indispensable for its assimilation. Thus it is better to consume carrots in salads with oil or sour cream dressing.

Visual deterioration often results from the age-related changes. In particular, “senile vision” or presbyopia, is a disease, when older people can not distinguish closer small objects or read in small print.

Of course, there are severe factors that impact the loss of visual acuity—bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol intake. Smoke irritates the eye mucous membranes, impairs optic nerve and retina, which makes smoker’s eyes look bloodshot all the time. Alcohol is a pronounced neurotoxin, damaging braincortex areas that define human visual perception.

Safe-to-see forte— New Perfect Vision Formula
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An innovative formula of the natural complex Safe-to-see forte is created exclusively for Vision, contains the best eye vitamins, ensures protection of the eyesight and helps preserve its sharpness.

Enhanced formula of Safe-to-see forte reinforces the eyesight in terms of extensive loads and reduces the risk of many visual system disorders. Safe-to-see forte is a comprehensive, ultimately balanced product that contains the best ingredients, complementary to the eyesight.

  • Bilberry extract sharpens the eyesight, accelerates regeneration of retinal tissues, improves blood circulation and reduces eye strain. 
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin within the marigold extract are conspicuous carotenoids that neutralize free radical effect and prevent retinal deterioration and lentoid opacity. 
  • L-glutathione is present in the vitamin B2, which is indispensable for normal structure and functioning of the organs of vision. Effective for preventive treatment of cataract. Produces an antioxidant action. 
  • Vitamins C, E, and selenium complement each other’s action, uphold structural integrity of cells, serve as biological antioxidants, and protect the crystalline lens. 
  • B vitamins, copper, zinc and manganese are also conspicuous antioxidants that shield eye mucosa from computer radiation and eye strain, and prevent visual disorders. 
  • Vitamin PP reduces the risk of the visual fatigue syndrome and improves eyesight acuity.
The unique composition of Safe-to-see forte prevents various visual pathologies, protects visual organs from free radical damage and age-related changes, like weakening and atrophy of eye muscles, myopia and hyperopia.

Safe-to-see forte improves eyesight acuity, relieves manifestations of the visual fatigue syndrome, blocks free radical impact and mitigates the risk of visual pathologies.

Target audience:
  • Those who want to protect their eyesight and reduce eye fatigue;
  • Those who wish to preclude age-related vision changes;
  • Computer- and TV-fans;
  • Those who suffer from a visual impairment of any kind;
  • Young people/students, bound to read a lot.

It’s Interesting
  • The rarest eye colour is green; only 2% of the population of our planet have green eyes.
  • We are all born grey-eyed, our true eye colour shows itself only in 2-3 years. 
  • Thanks to more than 130 mln light-sensitive cells human eye perceives over 5 mln colour hues and shades. 
  • Eye colour depends on the iris pigment, melanin. A lot of pigment stands for darker irises (black, brown, light brown), and less pigment—for grey, green or blue eyes. 
  • Unlike most animals, human eye perceives 3 basic colours—red, blue and green, mixing into all other colours that we see. 
  • 1% of people have right and left irises of different colour.
  • It is generally assumed, that colour blindness is mostly peculiar to men. To a certain extent 8% of men and just 1% of women suffer from it.
  • People from the Baltic states, northern Poland, Finland and Sweden are considered the most bright-eyed Europeans. Most dark-eyed people come from Turkey and Portugal.


per 1 capsule
Vitamin C

60 mg
Vitamin E

5 mg
Vitamin B1

1.4 mg
Vitamin B2

1.6 mg
Vitamin B3 (PP)

18 mg
Vitamin B6

2 mg 
Folic acid (B9)

200 µg
Vitamin B12

1 µg

7.5 mg

1 mg 

1 mg

25 µg
Marigold extract

24.6 mg 

5 mg

320 µg
L- glutathione

1 mg 
Bilberry fruit

50 mg

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Nutripharma Ltd. group of Akropharma companies, Waterford - Ireland. 

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Safe-to-see forte is a product to protect the eyesight and mitigate eye fatigue. The new balanced product formula has been created specifically for Vision; it includes a complex of the best eye vitamins.

Safe-to-see forte reduces a risk of retinal diseases and vision disorders, as well as manifestations of the visual fatigue syndrome.