Vision Bio-drinks - unparalleled dietary supplement beverage for modern people.

Bio-drink is a synthesis of the best from tea and dietary supplements. It is a functional and healthy drink with dietary supplement properties. Perfect solution for modern people.

Bio-drinks are made with completely natural ingredients that offer great nutritional benefits paired with natural herb remedies from nature. 

They take the same preparation time as regular tea and can be enjoyed hot or cold with ice on a hot summer day. Take pleasure in a great taste, just like your favorite cup of tea.

Bio-drink production technology uses a unique procedure developed and implemented by DEM4 laboratory:

  • Herbafication allows covering the dried herb particles with natural plant extracts. 
  • The herbal mixture for Bio-drinks is significantly enriched with biologically active substances and enhances their pharmacological effect on our health. 
  • In addition to the best preserved vitamins and antioxidants, this healthy beverage is very rich in flavor and aroma.

Three functional beverages were designed to give the best aid for all phases of the day:
  • PURE has detoxifying action for your mornings
  • LIFE will energize you in the afternoon
  • MIND is perfect before you go to sleep

Or just enjoy your favorite drink anytime you like.

Detoxifying in the morning

PURE is an extremely effective body cleansing beverage. By improving liver function and bile secretion, it indirectly enhances organ cleansing performance. This Bio-drink eliminates toxins from the blood through the kidneys, restores metabolism and intestinal functions and is essential for purifying body cells.

Ingredients: Acai berry extract, Apple cider vinegar, Rosemary leaves, rhizome of Asparagus, Strawberry leaves, Coriander fruits, Birch leaves, Nettle leaves, Dandelion roots, lyophilised apple slices.

Energising in the afternoon

LIFE is an uplifting energy drink, created to naturally energise the body and focus the mind. It helps feel lively, improve mental alertness and enhance productivity. This Bio-drink raises cardiovascular endurance and improves oxygen supply to the blood. It doesn’t cause dependency unlike energy drinks and is safe for people with high blood pressure.

Ingredients: Schisandra fruit extract, Ginseng (Panax) root extract, Liquorice root extract, Chinese tea tree leaves - green tea, Rosemary leaves, Mate, Oat herb, Guarana seeds, Nettle leaves, lyophilized Blackcurrant fruits.

Calming before sleep
MIND is a great choice to control your anxiety. It helps dealing with anxiety symptoms directly and brings some peace to your stressful day, especially before night. Also this Bio-drink helps fighting stress and has an overall beneficial effect on your nervous system.

Ingredients: Lavender extract, Amla extract, Lemon balm leaves, Rooibos tea, lyophilised Chamomile blossoms, Linden flowers, Peppermint leaves, Cinnamon bark, Lavender flowers.

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