Top Reasons for Women to Take a Multivitamin

Multivitamins do women need them or not? 

So if you are on the fence about whether to supplement see if you fall into any of these categories that would justify supplementation.

1. Pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Taking supplemental folic acid prior to and during pregnancy can reduce the incidence of birth defects. During pregnancy & breastfeeding it is hard to meet the increased needs of iron and other nutrients through diet alone.

2. Women with severe food restrictions, either self imposed or prescribed.  
Supplementation my help people who are on a strict weight loss diet, those who have eating disorders, or those who limit their eating due to social or emotional situations.

3. Strict vegetarians who abstain from dairy and animal products.
People who don’t eat meat or dairy products will need additional B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, another minerals.
4. Women who take certain medications. 

Certain medications can block the absorption of some vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, folic acid, and other B vitamins.

5. Women over 60. 

Because inadequate stomach acid is common in older people this leads to a deficiency in B12. Also elders tend to get limited sun exposure to get proper vitamin D and there is an additional requirement of calcium associated with age.

6. Heavily stressed individuals. 

Stress can lead to eating a poor diet and a lack of absorption of particular nutrients so use the multivitamin as a back-up so you don’t miss anything vital in your diet.

7. Women with heavy menstrual bleeding. 

Women with this problem lose more iron and may need to supplement. It is best for women of child bearing age to supplement to ensure they are getting enough folic acid.

8. You have a gastrointestinal disease such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, or IBS. 

The disease may lead to a lack of absorption of certain vitamins, and food choices may be limited to manage the effects of the disease. These factors can lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals so supplementation may be necessary.

9. Women with poor diets. 

Only a small amount of the population eats a healthy, balanced diet to get all their nutrients daily. Use a multivitamin to be sure you have everything you need on a daily basis.

Remember a multivitamin is not a substitute for a healthy diet, but an important complement to meet all your nutritional needs. Always consult with your physician first before taking any vitamins or supplements.

Recommended multivitamins:

Vitamin and mineral complex with probiotics - Lifepac Senior is a good place to start.


per 1 capsule (500 mg)
Vitamin C

60 mg

19 mg

10.5 mg
Vitamin E

10 mg

9 mg
Vitamin PP 

9 mg

5 mg
Vitamin B5

2.3 mg

1.7 mg

1 mg
Vitamin B2

0.8 mg
Vitamin B6

0.8 mg
Vitamin B1

0.6 mg
Vitamin B9

0.2 mg
Vitamin H

0.05 mg

0.05 mg

0.025 mg
Vitamin B12

1.5 µg
Bifidobacteria 108 CFU/g, not less than

10 mg
  • Unlike many other vitamin and mineral complexes that only ensure partly assimilation of vitamins and minerals, Lifepac Senior contains bifidobacteria that promote complete absorption of all useful substances of the complex;
  • Optimal set of vitamins and minerals beneficially influences all systems of the body, boosting its vitality and providing it with energy, ensuring good spirits;
  • Unlike some vitamin and mineral complexes that contain mega-dosages of particular vitamins and minerals, Lifepac Senior is balanced in order to be suitable for long-term administration.

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