Medisoya+ | Soy Isoflavones for Women's Health and Natural Menopause Relief

I bet you have heard about the benefits of isoflavons for longevity, women's health and natural menopause relief. 

What are isoflavones ?

Isoflavones are members of a large group of compounds called phytochemicals. Found only in plants, phytochemicals are not considered nutrients – that is, they are not necessary to support life. However, many of these compounds may promote health and reduce disease risk.

There is increasing evidence that diets rich in phytochemicals may help protect against cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions.

Isoflavones are also referred to as phytoestrogens, or plant estrogens, because they have a chemical structure similar to the female hormone estrogen.

Soy foods and Isoflavones
There are very few dietary sources of isoflavones. In fact, soybeans and other soy foods such as soy milk are the only commonly-consumed foods that provide relevant quantities of isoflavones. 

Many of us don’t consume soy products or soy supplements, and therefore have extremely low intake of these beneficial compounds. In contrast, people in Japan consume about 25 to 50 milligrams of isoflavones per day – the amount found in approximately one to two servings of soy foods.

Researchers have examined this discrepancy as a possible explanation for the comparatively low rates of certain diseases in Japan and other Asian countries where soy foods are prevalent.

Isoflavones and Health

Heart Disease: Isoflavones may improve the health of the lining of blood vessels, which can reduce risk for heart disease. They may also slow down certain negative effects of LDL-cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol), making the LDL-cholesterol less damaging to arteries.

Bone health: Clinical studies, in which researchers can control the amount of isoflavones consumed, also suggest that isoflavones support bone health. Several long-term studies are currently underway to build upon these findings.

Menopausal Symptoms: Some studies have found a relationship between soy food consumption and reduced menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes. While not all menopausal women experience these benefits, those suffering from frequent hot flashes typically gain significant relief when they include a source of isoflavones in their diet.

Breast Cancer: Scientists first hypothesized that soy foods may help reduce breast cancer risk when they noted the historically low rates of breast cancer in Asian populations. Current research is examining the possibility that consuming soy foods during adolescence reduces breast cancer risk later in life.

Getting Isoflavones in Your Diet

Traditional soy foods such as soy milk and tofu are the most reliable sources of isoflavones.

A growing body of promising research indicates that consuming one to three servings of isoflavone-rich soy foods per day – as part of a balanced diet low in cholesterol and moderate in fat – may help to reduce risk for certain chronic diseases. 

In addition to these proposed isoflavone benefits, soy foods also provide plenty of cholesterol-free soy protein, abundant calcium, vital antioxidants and many other nutrients that make good sense for your healthy lifestyle.

For your long term health its a wise decision to include soy products rich in isoflavons in your diet. 

Adding soy isoflavones with biologically active food supplement.

I personally use and recommend Medisoya+ - biologically active food supplement, an additional source of vitamin D and soy isoflavones. I had hot flashes and night sweats. In a matter of days after starting to take Medisoya these unpleasant symptoms of menopause disappear and never came back.    


per 1 capsule

95 mg
Soy extract

100 mg

74 mg

6.2 mg
Vitamin D (D2+D3):

4.8 µg
- Vitamin D2

2.6 µg
- Vitamin D3

2.2 µg

Target audience to take Medisoya+:

  • Women who want to postpone menopause;
  • Women during menopause;
  • Women who aspire to reduce the risk of painful and unpleasant sensations during menopause;
  • In cases of the early menopause (before 40);
  • Women with the body weight under 60 kg, as being more prone to the early menopause and osteoporosis;
  • Women that adhere to mono- and low-calorie diets;
  • Women who want to improve functional state of the endocrine system.

Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule per day during meals with water.

For women in menopause most effective when taken together with OsteoSanum

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