LiveLon by Vision | 10 most powerful antioxidants in one supplement.

LiveLon’+ is anti-aging supplement any women deserve. Its formula is truly unique and includes 10 ultimate antioxidants with a cascade action: ubiquinone, extracts of green tea, sea buckthorn, acai berry and amaranth, as well as resveratrol, astaxanthin, lycopene, chlorophyll and selenomethionine.

So what is so peculiar about these components?

Ubiquinone is an active form of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 that supplies cells with energy, accelerates biochemical reaction and regeneration processes, also preventing destruction of collagen and elastin, reduces loss of hyaluronic acid. Ultimately slows down aging processes and shields from the adverse impact of free radicals. 

Biologically active substances in the green tea extract possess a powerful antioxidant effect, shielding the cells of our body from the adverse impact of free radicals. 

Similar action is inherent in sea buckthorn extract, 95% of which is meletin, a conspicuous antioxidant that enhances viability of cells and precludes body ageing.

Astaxanthin is an extremely potent antioxidant. A unique structure of its molecules allows to protect the human body much more efficiently, than other substances can, and it is rightfully called a super-antioxidant of the new generation.

Lycopene has a pronounced antioxidant activity as well. It shields DNA cells from free radicals.

Acai (euterpe) berry extract and chlorophyll prevent free radicals from damaging the cells and neutralize them, slowing down the aging processes within the body.

Selenomethionine (selenium) is another antioxidant that is a primary microelement in the antioxidant system, protecting our body. Selenium within cellular ferments provides for destruction of free radicals in all cells.

Amaranth extract enriches the skin with oxygen that actively neutralizes oxidative processes in the epidermis’ cells.

Due to a systemic synergistic effect of the LiveLon’+ complex, it not merely mitigates a disrupting effect of free radicals, but completely neutralizes them and thus facilitates natural rejuvenation of the skin.
Who should take LiveLon’+:
  • Those who take care of their health;
  • Those who wish to slow down aging processes;
  • Those who experience prolonged physical and emotional strains;
  • Those, whose skin is subject to a prolonged impact of the UV-rays;
  • Those who don’t adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition and snack on fast food;
  • Those who drink alcohol and smoke.
Retain vibrancy of the youth with the exclusive complex LiveLon’+

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