Iron Deficiency, Amnemia Natural Cure with Vision Supplements.

The proven way to improve the woman’s mood is to present her with some precious metal jewelry. The best way to improve the fair lady’s health is a vitamin complex containing iron.

Iron Deficiency

Iron is necessary for organism to transfer oxygen, in addition, it plays an important role in oxidation processes. Also, that microelement is required for generating energy in muscles, for cholesterol metabolism, for immune system cell, erythrocyte and hemoglobin synthesis and for neutralizing harmful substances in liver. 

So, what happens when the reserves of that truly precious metal are getting lost?

1.  The nervous system suffers, there are sleep disorders and anxiety alternates with apathy.
2.  The muscle weakness appears, and to the question «How are you feeling?» you often have to respond, «I have no strength at all and I tire easily.»
3.     You like your reflection in the mirror less and less and you don’t like your pale skin, brittle hair, early gray streaks and peeling nails either.
4.     It is becoming harder to cope with your work, your thoughts wander — loss of iron does no good to female mental abilities.
5.     Immunity weakens and you have the general unwell feeling, in addition, you get frequent headaches.
6.     Your hands and feet feel cold – it is the most sure sign of the iron shortage.

If you do not timely replenish your reserves of iron, the iron-deficient anemia develops that is fraught with serious disorders relevant to physiological changes in internal organs.

Each member of the fair sex needs that simple microelement. Doctors maintain that the iron shortage holds the second place by its frequency after ARD and ARVI and females are the most numerous sufferers. Statistics show that up to 60% of the ladies of the child-bearing age are susceptible to the lack of iron. 

The organism looses most iron during pregnancy and nursing, at menstruations and menopause as well as after taking antibiotics and some other medicines. Furthermore, natural iron reserves in the female organism are twice as low as in the male one.

Anemia Natural Cure

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to replenish the «gold fund» or iron in your organism – even most «metal-rich» diets with daily inclusions of pomegranates, green vegetables, chicken liver, nuts and apples cannot solve the problem, since no more than 10% of the iron from food is digested. 

Also, tea, coffee and, surprisingly, milk products constrain the organism ability to effectively digest micronutrients containing iron.

You can solve the problem in the «iron-hard» way with specialized vitamin and mineral complexes.  

Not all iron containing food supplements are made equal.   

The prescription iron is more than likely ferric (iron) acid.  They make ferric acid by taking a piece of iron and pouring acid over it.  When it rusts they scrape it off and put it into a pill and call it an iron supplement.   

This inorganic iron will cause the stole to darken, can be poisonous and usually the more you take the more constipated you become.  

Organic vs Inorganic

Inorganic minerals never lived and are elements that cannot bring life into our cells.They have an covalent bond which the body cannot break down. They are metals and the body treats them more as toxins than as nutrients

Organic minerals  once were or are now living and can  bring life to and be utilized by cells.  They have an ionic bond which the body can break down into usable material for tissue repair and function.  It is made of a plant (which draws the inorganic mineral  from the soil  by way of the roots and converts them into organic minerals), or living organism and the body uses it as food. 

There is also the spin of the electron (organic mineral's electrons spin clockwise as do the cells of the human body.  Inorganic mineral's electrons spin counterclockwise.) 

The vibratory rate of organic minerals is comparable to tissue and cells.  Inorganic minerals are not. 

Organic iron contain in natural bioactive complexes Beesk, Nutrimax+Revien

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