Deecleance -- Focused Cleansing for Healthy Life!

It’s hard to believe, but parasitic diseases are nearly as widespread as acute viral infections. According to the scientific estimates, about 5 billion people suffer from parasitic diseases. And this number tends to increase. How can we protect ourselves?  

Here is a simple test.

Answer only “yes” or “no”:

• Do you eat fresh fruit, berries and vegetables, picked up in the garden?
• Do you like pork barbecue?
• You don’t wash hands with hot water before meals?
• You don’t wash oranges and tangerines before eating?
• Do you have pets?
• Do you like to swim in ponds, lakes and creeks?

If you have answered “yes” to more than 3 questions, consider checking your body for parasitic infections.

Among the main sources of parasites are raw fruit and vegetables, fast food, half-cooked food or dishes that include raw products, like sushi, sashimi, medium rare meat.

Another risk factor are pets.

Among the very first symptoms of a parasitic disease are chronic fatigue, headaches, allergic reactions, skin problems, pains in joints and muscles, sleep disturbances.

Once ignored, parasitic diseases can provoke vitamin deficiency, chronic diseases, hormonal changes, and overall weakening of the immune system.

Exclusive Deecleance by Vision complex with targeted action will protect from the parasitic diseases and cleanse the body.

Ultimately balanced formula of Deecleance contains 8 unique ingredientswith a conspicuous antiparasitic action:

Pumpkin seed extract within Deecleance has a conspicuous antiparasitic action, contains zinc and omega-3 fatty acids and ultimate dosages of cucurbitin that paralyzes parasites and eliminates them.

Garlic bulb extract is a perfect source of sulfur-containing ingredients—sulfides; it has a conspicuous bactericidal effect, improves body resistance and stamina. 

Sage leaf extract cleanses the body of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, mitigates allergic reactions and stimulates digestion.

Fennel seed extract promotes elimination of parasites and toxin removal. 

Black pepper extract normalizes digestive function and stimulates the synthesis of digestive enzymes.

Clove flower extract cleanses the intestine of parasites and pathogenic flora, normalizes gastrointestinal performance, destroys pathogenic germs and fungal infections.

Gentian root extract prevents parasitic diseases, facilitating the formation of protective mucus and synthesis of gastric juice; stimulates salivation, promotes gall synthesis.

Magnesium oxide restores intestinal microflora and normalizes digestive performance.

Who may benefit?
  • Those who keep pets
  • Those who lead active lifestyle and snack on fast food
  • Those who like Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi
  • Those who eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables
  • Those who have meals at public eating places
  • Those who suffer from digestive problems
  • Everybody who wants to cleanse the body

  • Prevents parasitic diseases
  • Cleanses the body of parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Normalizes performance of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Restores intestinal microflora
  • Promotes synthesis of digestive enzymes 
  • Improves intestinal motility 
  • Removes toxins from the body.
Deecleance -- Focused Cleansing for Healthy Life!

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