Cupers Neo| Healthy Digestive Tract – Herbs for Liver

Contemporary rhythm of life presupposes crazy daily work schedule, stress situations, chronic fatigue and lack of time for full-scale rest or even sleep. The first blow in such case is inflicted upon the vulnerable digestive system. Quick snacks, fast food, excess of fatty and spicy food, lack of fruits and vegetables in a daily diet: all that might provoke diseases of the digestive system.

Bio-active plant complex Cupers Neo from Vision will help preserve health and promote the feeling of lightness and comfort!

Protection, purification and regeneration of hepatic cells.

If liver functions are disturbed, it can not neutralize toxins, and they subsequently get into blood, spreading all over the body, poisoning and disrupting it.

Cupers Neo maintains health of liver and restores its functions

It provides for the overall support of liver:careful purification, regeneration and fortification of its cells, and simultaneously launches self-purification functions of the body. 

Stimulates synthesis and outflux of gall, reduces its viscosity, preventing formation of stones. It also reinforces cell membranes of hepatic cells and precludes their damage. Improves digestion, thus reducing the load on liver.

  • Restores functions of liver;
  • Facilitates purification, protection and regeneration of hepatic cells;
  • Promotes extensive upheaval of detox and antioxidant systems of liver;
  • Reduces the risk of diseases of liver and bile passages;
  • Stimulates synthesis and outflux of gall, reduces its viscosity and prevents formation of stones;
  • Facilitates normalization of the digestive system performance.


per 1 capsule
Milk thistle

200 mg

100 mg

50 mg

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Produced by:

Nutripharma Ltd. group of Akropharma companies, Waterford - Ireland. 

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