Chronic fatigue syndrom cure Revien by Vision

Today I would like to share with you some tips for coping with fatigue.

Get into a regular sleep pattern. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and that the sleep is undisturbed and restful. Try cutting out caffeine or other stimulants at least 5 hours before bedtime and do not exercise, watch TV or do anything else that may be mentally stimulating before going to sleep.

Exercise! While exercising may be the last thing on your mind when you don’t seem to have enough energy to face the day, it may be just what you need! Keeping physically active is vital for stress relief, healthy sleep and building stamina.

Eat a healthy nutritional diet. A balanced diet will energize the body and mind and help you cope better with the demands of life. Steer clear of foods high in sugar and wheat as these create temporary “highs” only to be followed by periods of fatigue. Eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels up and drink plenty of water.

Reduce stress. Try keeping stress levels low and finding ways to better cope with those stressful life demands that keep arising. Prioritize, organize and find time to relax. Learn to say no to additional responsibilities that you can’t cope with and seek professional counseling or go to a stress management course if you struggle to cope with stress management.

Quit smoking and cut down on alcohol. Smoking replaces some of your body’s oxygen supply with toxic carbon monoxide and the build up of toxins can cause fatigue. Alcohol also increases toxic build up and acts as a nervous depressant thus causing fatigue. Alcohol at night also causes poor sleep.  
Helpful Supplements. 

Revien - fights chronic fatigue syndrome.

Perfectly balanced, Revien complex can help regain strength, stabilize emotional state and overcome anxieties. 

Ingredients of the complex contribute to maintaining the balance of “excitation-inhibition” processes in the nervous system, which allows to work and rest to the full extent. 

Normalizes performance of the nervous system, mitigates apathy and irritability. This complex invigorates the whole body, significantly improves mood, elevates activeness without provoking sleep disorders. Precludes nervous and physical exhaustion, inherent in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


per 1 capsule
Hop cones

70 mg
Ginseng root

50 mg
Black horehound flowering tops

50 mg

5.75 mg

20 µg

2.4 mg

Target audience to take Revien:
  • Everybody to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome, especially in the autumn-winter season, intrinsic to development of this state;
  • Those who experience chronic fatigue and feel the lack of energy and vitality;
  • Those who feel anxiety, apathy and irritation;
  • Those with weakened immunity and nervous system after prolonged illnesses;
  • Those who work or study hard and often travel on business.

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