Chevition by Vision | How to Restore Damaged Hair and Nails with Herbal Supplements

Gorgeous healthy hair is a great privilege. Unfortunately, not everybody can boast of thick, shiny and well groomed hair.

Diets, health problems and stresses, even bad ecology—alto­gether equally exhaust both men and women. Deficiency of vitamins, amino acids and some microelements (like zinc) due to unbalanced diet adversely affects the state of hair—they become dry, dull and brittle, and begin falling out.

Hair problems are for the large part accompanied by the problems with nails, because nails are formed from the same epidermis layer as hair, and consequently also lack proper nutrition.

Shampoos, hair sprays, hair colour, gels and mousses, and nail polishes—every day we use them in hopes to regain beauty, but they only aggravate condition of hair and nails, gradually make them thin and brittle.

For a full-fledged restoration of hair and nails specific vitamin complexes with carefully selected ingredients are required.

The best natural approach

Cheviton -  Natural product  for beautiful hair and nails

Cheviton is your enhanced protection and building material for hair and nails

Amino acids within this vitamin complex help form new epidermis’ cells and restore damaged areas of hair and nails. Cystine and methionine protect hair follicles, thus reducing hair loss, and stimu­late hair growth. Hair becomes smooth, dense and resilient, gain in thickness and volume. Nails get stronger and cease flaking.

Zinc is one of the key components of this complex, it also helps fight brittleness of hair and nails, and makes their structure denser.

This complex’ formula is enhanced by the vitamins of the group B, that allow to maintain health of hair and restore nail plate.

Cheviton’s active ingredients protect epidermis cells from the adverse impact of environment and aggressive ingredients of various cosmetic products.

Natural product Cheviton is recommended as part of the comprehensive treatment in case of various degrees of alope­cia and seborrhea. It helps prevent premature canities.

Formula of the natural product Cheviton has been developed by the laboratory of the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma. Its quality control corresponds to the strictest European standards.


L-CYSTINE is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is contained in keratin, which is a fundamental protein of hair. Helps im­prove hair and nails condition, if they become brittle and dry. Makes hair strong and smooth, and confers density to the nail bed. L-cystine can also help in cases of genetically pre­determined hair loss.
DL-METHIONINE is an essential amino acid, not synthesized by our body. It forms the tissue of hair and nails, prevents their flaking and fragility, is recommended for nourishment, strengthening and growth of hair. Prevents ageing.
ZINC deals with brittle and fragile hair and activates its growth. Is effective in cases of local balding, improves nail structure and strengthens nails.
VITAMIN B5 firms hair follicles. Thanks to this vitamin, hair becomes more shiny, thick and resilient, and ceases to fall out. This vitamin is also recommended in cases of early canities.
VITAMIN B6 stops hair loss, prevents itchy feeling and dry­ness of the scalp, inhibits formation of dandruff. Nourishes hair follicles, stimulates their growth, fights damages of the connective tissue that surrounds hair follicles. Improves the state of nails. Helps cystine penetrate deep into the cells of hair and nails.
BIOTIN (VITAMINS B7 AND H) is just indispensable for nor­mal growth and development of cells. Promotes the synthe­sis of keratin, which is a primary structural component of hair and nails. It facilitates hair and nails growth, enhances density of nail bed by 25%.

VITAMIN B12 prevents early canities, helps reduce dandruff and hair brittleness. It is particularly vital for maintaining the flow of oxygen to scalp, which directly facilitates hair growth.

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