Antistress Passilat by Vision | Eases nerves, helps heart

It so happens that stresses often provoke high pressure, heart strain, hindered breath. Every one of us has experienced unpleasant sensations or pains in the heart as a result of nervous tension. Actually our nervous system and heart are closely connected.

A particular group of neurons is directly associated with heart performance, and is responsible for its rhythm. That’s why when we feel nervous tension, anger, anxiety, there forms a certain chain of reactions: following the synthesis of adrenalin, nervous system transmits the respective signal to heart, and it starts beating faster, its rhythm gets uncoordinated, which causes vessel constriction and pressure upswing.

Consequently blood flow to the heart decreases, neural transmission to heart stops, nutrition of heart muscle becomes irregular—and connection between nervous system and heart muscle breaks. Such persistent imbalance may cause overstrain of heart and result in severe health problems, especially for those who suffer from the cardiovascular diseases.

However natural bioactive complex Passilat can help relieve tension, regain joy and harmony with the surrounding world, and support heart. 

It is a complex containing medicinal calming herbs and group B vitamins, that relieves nervous tension, caused by stresses, and helps quickly restore mental balance. Prevents neurosis and accompanying heart pains. Restores blood flow to the heart muscle, normalizes cardiac rhythm, dilates blood vessels, improves coronary circulation, and stabilizes arterial pressure. 

Produces a conspicuous sedative action, improves stress resistance and precludes nervous breakdowns, as well as stress- and overstrain-related cardiovascular diseases, and chronic functional nervous disorders.

Passilat - Eases nerves, helps heart.

Passilat is recommended as a calming remedy in cases of chronic functional nervous system disorders, neurosis or heart pains, vegetovascular dystonia.  
  • It restores functions of the nervous system and normalizes cardiac rhythm. 
  • Soothes, alleviates nervous tension and simultaneously tones up the heart muscle, thus improving coronary circulation. 
  • It has a sedative action and prevents nervous breakdowns. 
  • Doesn’t produce a suppressive action on the nervous system, nor blunts reactions.


Passion flower helps to counteract sleep disorders, overcome nervous hyperexcitability and headaches. It is used as part of complex therapy for coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Hawthorn is widely used against functional cardio-vascular and nervous system disorders as a cardio-tonic and sedative remedy. It normalizes the heart rhythm, and provides for re-duction of blood cholesterol.

Valeriana officinalis produces a sedative, tranquilizing, anti-spasmodic, and anticonvulsive effect. It has a positive regulatory influence on the functioning of the heart, enhances coronary circulation and ensures reduction of arterial blood pressure. It improves sleep quality.

Vitamin B1 is required for the normal development and growth of various organs, helps to maintain proper functioning of cardio and nervous systems.

Vitamin B6 is essential for the normal performance of the central and peripheral nervous systems. It participates in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, improves assimilation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, reduces blood cholesterol and lipids, and enhances myocardial contractility.

Vitamin B12 boosts metabolism, possesses high biological activity. It is essential for normal blood formation, as it facilitates erythrocyte maturation. It also reduces blood cholesterol and produces a beneficial effect on the functions of the central nervous system, and enhances angenesis.

The effectiveness of Passilat food supplement has been clinically proved.

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